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Advantages and Drawbacks of Open and Enclosed Car Shipping

by Alexandria

When you decide to transport your car using the services of an auto shipping company, one important thing that you need to finalize is whether you want to go for open or enclosed car transport. The cost of transport, timeline, etc. will be affected by this decision. If this is your first time shipping a vehicle, here we have explained both options in detail as well as discussing their pros and cons. Keep on reading to make a more informed decision…

Before we begin, you must understand that the safety and security of your vehicle will even depend on the shipping company you chose to work with. Ship A Car, Inc. Nationwide Car Shipping, is one such company that you can trust for sending your car across the country. They make the entire procedure as smooth as possible and help you through every step.

What are open and enclosed car transports?

Open Car Transport

This is one of the most common methods used to ship cars, and works for most people. Cars are shipped using open trailers. Multiple vehicles are transported using this method.

Enclosed Car Transport

In this method, your car will be transported using an enclosed carrier. Overall, there are fewer enclosed carriers to choose from, and this can sometimes extend the shipment dates.

Pros and Cons of Open Car Transport


It is cheaper: Open carriers are usually big and thus transport more cars in one round. This means, transporting your car will become cost-effective.

It is faster: Open carriers are very common, and thus they need fewer stops for checking and other formalities along the way. This makes it possible to transfer your car faster.

It is easier to schedule: Open carriers are available in abundance, and thus you can schedule your car transport anytime.


Less protection: As your vehicle is exposed to weather, air, and debris, there are chances of it getting damaged along the way.

Risky: Since the cars are seen in an open carrier, there is always a risk of theft. This makes it difficult to use this method to transport luxury cars.

Pros and Cons of Enclosed Car Transport


Better security: Your car will be protected well against weather conditions like heavy rains and snowfall. Also, it will be protected against wind and road debris. Exposure to the sun and extreme heat can damage the interior of your vehicle, but this will not happen in an enclosed carrier.

Ideal for high-end vehicles: In an enclosed carrier, your vehicle remains isolated from any external factors, and this helps in avoiding all sorts of road hazards, including theft.


Expensive: Transporting a car via an enclosed carrier is a premium service. Also, fewer cars can be transported at once using this method, and thus it becomes costlier.

Less availability: There are a limited number of enclosed carriers available in the country. This means you will have to wait for a long time before you secure a spot.

When it comes to selecting a method of car transport, the best one will be a method that works for you. Consider the pros and cons of both methods, as well as consider your requirements, budget, and timeline before making any decision.

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